Types of Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes come in different designs that are crafted to handle the rough off-road terrain and wearing out that happens with time differently. Below is a detailed description of the five major types of mountain bikes that are available in the market.

This will help you get equipped with the necessary information you need to know for you to choose the right mountain bike for the particle activity you want to carry out.

1. Downhill bikes- some people refer to them as park mountain bikes. This type of bikes is crafted for rough and often terrain where there are many obstacles which include rocks and pebbles. They are designed from strong materials hence they are able to glide over rocks and thick roots without any difficulties.

Apart from that, these mountain bikes are fully intended for high speed. They are longer compared to other types of mountain bikes but tend to be low on the ground. Downhill bikes are very comfortable due to the metal springs and rear shocks installed in them. Therefore, the ride is able to maintain control even on steep areas.

Lastly, these types of bikes are very durable hence you don’t have to worry about replacing them after a short duration due to wear and tear. They are made from strong, long-lasting materials hence you are guaranteed durability and value for your money if you choose to invest in downhill mountain bikes.

2. Trail bikes- second on the list are the trail bikes. They are not designed for any specific racing hence you can use them for any purpose. Trail bikes have aggressive treads that ensure that the user doesn’t get stuck in mad or sand.

Other features include shorter stems and wider handlebars that offer you comfort when you are riding the bike. They also have a suspension system that absorbs any shock that is resulted by a drop. In short, if you are looking for comfort in a bike than performance then this is the bike to go for.

Their flames are usually very light thus maneuvering on any riding area is easy and you can do all types of tricks that you want. To wrap it up, they are durable hence can last for long without requiring you to repair or replace them.

3. Cross-country bikes-these types of bikes are designed to cover long distances over a short period of time.
This particular type of mountain bikes is the most suitable ones for climbing on a steep ground because they are light in weight.

They are constructed in such a manner that the head angles are steeper thus the user is able to turn the bike easily and climb without any difficulties. However, you also keep in mind that these bikes are hard to control when you are going down a steep cliff because they are mainly designed for climbing.

4. Dirt jump bikes- dirt jump bikes are meant for dirt parks unlike the other types of mountain bikes. Some people refer to them as . Their flames are commonly made from aluminum or steel to ensure that the bikes are very light. These materials are also long-lasting hence the bikes are durable.
Besides that, they can also be used in skate parks and other sloppy trails. Some of them come without the front brakes and these types are preferred because the brakes come in the way of tricks.

Most dirt jumpers use single speed gearing to avoid distraction and for easier maintenance of the mountain bikes. However, ensure that the bike has a chain tensioner to prevent the chain from falling off as you ride the bike.

Lastly, the tires are not too wide and are designed to roll fast. They are range from 2-2.4 inches wide, very smooth treads and have small knobs.

5. Fat bikes- these bikes are ideal for less solid grounds like snow and sand. Their tires are normally oversized and with low pressure to give them more traction on the ground. Most of them come in 4.5-5 inches to provide maximum grip. They are rated among the top best adventurous mountain bikes due to their high quality.

However, you can ride them on normal trails but they are specifically designed for grip and keep in mind that they are very sluggish on these grounds. The tires of fat mountain bikes are also very delicate thus you have to pair them with the correct width of rim to prevent damaging them with time.

The frames are either made of steel aluminum to ensure that the bike is not heavy. This enables the rider to have more control when riding and makes turning easier. Apart from that, they have hydraulic disc brakes that minimize mechanical bodge.

6. Enduro /All-mountain bikes –these are the strongest bikes that are usually used for serious mountain biking. They are crafted with more travel in their suspension and stronger frames to ensure steady movement when you are riding on rough trails. They have wider tires that are designed with rough treads to provide maximum traction.

Besides that, they are very fast compared to other mountain bikes. They also come with a special device that guarantees you that the chain won’t fall off when you are cycling in a high speed. All-mountain bikes are more suitable for going uphill than downhill.

Lastly, these bikes have a variety of rear gears thus you can always regulate the speed to that of your choice. How amazing is that? Therefore, if you are looking forward to go for an adventure where you will have to maneuver through obstacles, this is the perfect mountain bike to invest in.

Those are the six common types of mountain bikes available in the markets. We have discussed them in depth and we hope that the information will enlighten you. After reading this article you are guaranteed to be able to make a wise decision and invest in the right type of bike depending on the adventure you are planning to take.

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